Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Oh dearie me.

It's been about a month and a half since I went to the local GSA (as in Gay-Straight Alliance, not Girl Scouts of America, er).

I know, I know. "But Amy! You wrote about GSA, like, five million times on your college apps!" Yeah, well. I've been busy? And tired?

"But you were sick today and you went!" ...shut up. I FELT OBLIGATED TO, OKAY?

The last time I went, a total of five people showed up. And today? LIKE, A MILLION. It was amazing. You kind of forget how amazing the people there are. But every time I go, I end up smiling like crazy because everyone is so friendly, so funny. Why did I stop going? I have no idea. But I need to keep going back. They keep me level and sane, surprisingly enough. Man. I love that place.

(But maybe I'll elaborate even more next week, if I get around to blogging before 10pm. Jeez, Amy, start blogging at decent times!)

Back to school tomorrow. Home sick yesterday and today.

You know what I realized, though? Ever since going to NYC, I've kind of, um, forgotten everything I've learned this past semester. And though this should be freaking me out, it's not. I dunno, running off for a few days kind of made my head spin so much that now I think I've realized that I am kind of tired of studying what I'm studying. Chemistry and calculus? They're doing nothing for my brain. They aren't stimulating me. Nothing is clicking. You know how sometimes you'll get that class where the material just clicks, and you get it? Nope. The clicking is gone this year. It's sad.

I just really want to get away and learn in more exciting ways. Learn through experience, not reading textbooks. I mean, I've kind of always known that hands-on learning works best for me, but now... ack. Now it's becoming the only kind I want to put up with. Which is not good, considering college professors do indeed assign reading.

Lordy. I can't wait for winter break. I need a longer escape. And though two weeks won't nearly be enough, it'll work.

P.S. Everybody needs to check out Musicovery. It's like Pandora, except instead of choosing music based on similar artists, you can choose it based on if you want the music to be calm, energetic, fast, slow, etc. I like it. Every time I need some good jazz, it's what I've been running to. And I've been craving jazz like crazy lately.
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