Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Undergrounds + Book Rock + Wizard Rock + Musicals

Last night was Undergrounds. It was... interesting to say the least.

I think that they only do covers, which a lot of people that was crap, but I gotta tell you that JAMP was the best band there all night. Not just because of their music, but they were the most helpful band around. They let every other band use their sound system (including me and Michelle). How amazing is that?

We had time issues, because a band that was supposed to come on, um, didn't. Not until about 30 minutes or so after they were set to go. And we had to pull the plug on the last band because it hit 9:15, when we knew we had to be out, and they got pretty pissed. But you know what? Next year, we're leaving some pretty simple advice that for some reason we didn't pay attention to: don't rebook bands that screwed things up for you.

We made about 200-some dollars, which will be good for our magazine come May. We also made super-fast time in clean-up (within a half an hour or so, I think). Still out by ten, which is when we were supposed to have clean-up finished by (or else we start to pay the janitors overtime — which we really can't afford to do). Putting all the tables back really doesn't take as long as it seems it might. Same with returning the platforms to the theatre.

Michelle and I played only a few songs — we were first, and she ended up getting more nervous than myself, I think, realizing that all of these other bands are a lot more "professional" than we are. But you know what? We're playing a show at the library in February. I'd like to see them beat that. And at that show, people are going to be there to actually see us! It's going to be spectacular. Just you wait and see.

By far, though, the funniest part of the night was simply standing above the crowd and seeing them headbanging and trying to mosh. Oh man. The mosh pit? Five kids pushing each other around. So freaking hilarious.

It's amazing because the whole night, I was so stressed out over what was going wrong — but it was still fun. I still enjoyed it. It's my last year. That's what matters.

So even though I like to think of myself as the Wizard Rock Obsessor, I admittedly have not branched out that much past the first few huge bands. There are just so many. But that's why I get these compilation albums, like Jingle Spells. Because I can discover tons of bands.

And man oh man. How did I not know about Ministry of Magic? These guys are astounding. I've never heard a wizard rock band quite like them. Oh man. So fantastic.

I need to get back into listening to a lot of wizard rock. I may not be able to purchase every CD, but that's not a big deal. It's about fun, not consumerism. And that's what I love so much about it.

Oh man. Urinetown auditions are Monday and Tuesday. I need to decide on a song to sing. And I need to fill out the forms. Ack ack ack.

Undergrounds did kind of help me with something else, though. Singing our silly songs up in front of a bunch of people who didn't really care much about us? I didn't care. It was fun, and I loved it, and I want to do it more and more and more. This. Feels. Good.

P.S. I need this shirt. Oh my god. How amazing is it?!


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