Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

My heart, it aches.

I've been lagging on my blogging lately, I know, I know.

I really shouldn't be writing this right now. No, I have a chemistry final and a calculus final tomorrow. My only two real finals this semester, and both on the same day. At first, I liked this — no school Wednesday for me, then! — but now I'm thinking that it totally sucks. And let's just say that I'm not so great at Chem and Calc. Sigh. But I guess I'll write this up, whatever might be on my mind, before tearing myself away from the internet and studying.

I don't particularly want to study tonight. No, I'd much rather watch Buffy. Reason I didn't blog this past weekend: was watching Buffy. Well, Saskia stayed over Friday night (we made reindeer mix! Pictures in next post, though, promise!): we watched Love Story and some Tru Calling (I'm thinking that I'll finish watching the first season myself and just lend it to her — this whole sleepover thing doesn't work for me anymore — I like falling asleep early, er) and generally had fun just hanging out. And then on Saturday, I proceeded to watch seven episodes of Buffy. Sunday? Twelve episodes.

I love Buffy. So freaking much. In middle school, eighth grade in particular, two of my friends and I would talk Buffy every day at lunch, even sing the songs, and could relate everything to Buffy. My obsession has calmed down considerably since then — it's even been years since I really sat down and watched a lot of Buffy. Well, back in October or something, I started this "Buffyfest" thing, in which I'd watch regularly over the course of a few months. Didn't really work out that way. But on Saturday, I finished off the first season and got started on the second. The second season is probably my favorite of all seven. Me? Sucker for Buffy/Angel. So heartbreaking, devastating. Watching Surprise and Innocence? Ohhh my god. My heart aches so much seeing Angel turn into Angelus. And as I come closer and closer to Becoming, Pt. 2, I get more and more anxious, because that episode gets me every. time. Oh my god. Just thinking about it... gah!

Anyway. So since I managed nineteen episodes over the course of one weekend, I figure hey! I can totally knock out the rest of the seven seasons of Buffy plus the five seasons of Angel over the course of the next two weeks! (Yes, when it gets to be season four of Buffy, I plan to watch one episode BtVS, one episode Angel, and so on and so forth. God. That is going to get annoying. But it's how it must happen!)

I need to get off and study study study! Don't want to. But need to. Le sigh.

But today I got to hang out at Common Grounds with two of my friends. It was amazing. I love just sitting around, pretending to study, chatting chatting chatting.

I'm so ready for this semester to end.
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