Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.


• Moment Remembrance: sitting in Sbarro in NYC, eating foodies and chatting with Saskia and listening to the music overhead when all of a sudden "Radios in Heaven" comes on — song of the summer having been "Hey There Delilah" and my not really wanting to listen to it because there are other songs of the Plain White Ts' that I like more — but then hearing that favorite of mine in a restaurant in New York City of all places — it threw me. It was... nice. A welcome sound. One I hadn't heard for, gosh, years?

• New word: pimpressed. From AIM conversation typo. But not my word. No, I don't make cool typos. I just steal them. Pimpressive, non?

• Story: my dad told me (who knows if he was lying or not — I tend to hold stories like these with a healthy shot of skepticism) that when he was in high school, his civics class took a field trip of some sort to see part of a trial. It was a murder trial, and the name of the defendant? Ronald McDonald. Well, yesterday, I saw on YouTube one of the first McDonald's TV commercials featuring Ronald McDonald. All I could think was, "He's a killer... he's a killer... HE'S SO CREEPY... he's a killer!"

• Question: what're everyone's plans for New Year's Eve? Mine: most likely sitting around, watching Buffy, reading, waiting for the ball to drop. Just me and my dad and my mom, as apparently my sister has a party to go to. Now, for all I know, some of my friends may want to get together... but hmm. I kind of doubt it, as no one's said anything up to now, except for Saskia. (Wow, this makes me sound very lame. Ahaha. Well, I kind of am pretty lame. So that's okay.)

Gossip Girl Tidbits: Apparently Leighton Meester is blonde?! She looks so different and, and weird! Also, another apparently in that apparently Penn Badgley and Blake Lively are dating in real life?! I guess I can let that slide. I mean, Penn should really be dating me, ahem, but Blake Lively is cool, too. So it's all right, for now at least. ;)


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