Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Happy New Year!

Oh god. This is the year I turn 18! The year I graduate high school! The year I go off to college! This is the year I've been waiting for — and now that it's here, I'm kind of scared out of my mind. Ahaha.

So last night, Saskia and Chungyen came over. We cooked meat in the fondue pot that I didn't know my family had until two days ago, baked sugar cookies and snickerdoodles (the latter being absolutely perfect, somehow — first time ever I've been in the presence of perfect cookies), watched Hair, watched the ball drop while complaining about Ryan Seacrest, and set off fireworks that my family had leftover from the fourth of July.

After Chungyen left around 1:15ish, Saskia and I pretended to watch Cabaret but turned it off eventually and put in an episode of Tru Calling. After one episode (so good so good), we talked for, like, an hour or so. About school, college, family. Ahh, it's amazing how we started off mere biology partners (I mean, not that we didn't like each other, we just, y'know, only really hung out in bio) and have progressed to total BFFs.

It was nice. So so nice. Ahh. Nothing like ringing in the new year with some of your best friends, right? Right!

We took a ton ton ton of pictures, too. I won't post all of them because ye gads, we're camera fiends, but I'll post some of my favorites.


So we had a hippie party. According to my dad, anyway. It's the fondue pot.


Chungyen inspects the groceries at Kroger.




Chungyen is being helpful. Aw.


Isn't the sterno SO PRETTY?!


Chungyen cuts the meat.


We cook the meat.


Chungyen eats his chips with a fork.


Something weird happened when he broke the butter in half, haha.


Then we made snickerdoodles!


Saskia played Limbo.


The snickerdoodles were delicious.


And after midnight, we set off the fireworks. :D



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