Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Better now.

Really, I'm over my angst (funny, we discussed angst a little bit in english today — starting our Existentialism unit — I'm too optimistic to be existential, apparently). Jasmine, Jordyn, Zulay — your comments made me really smile. :) Thank you for putting up with my silly brief sadness. ;) I got home, wrote that up, watched last night's episode of Ugly Betty which my sister graciously taped for me (giving up her room for at least two whole hours! Seeing as her room is the only one with a VCR), showered, got back online briefly, and went to sleep.

In that time online, I read my friends' page on LiveJournal and was really happy to read Vincent's most recent entry. In it, he said, "Not much to say. First Urinetown meeting today. I'm very excited that Amy is in it because normally I don't have anyone to talk with really. But it's really nice to have a friend-friend there now for once." Ahh. He's most of the reason why I tried out for Urinetown, see, he kind of pushed me towards it the most. Actually, I was really worried that since he already has a bunch of theatre-friends, I'd be stuck to fend for myself when the musical started up, but then he came and sat next to me in the giant circle and we giggled together and such and it was enjoyable, really. I don't really know why I came home all bitter — something in the car just set me off and a few other things from throughout the day, throughout the week, came back to me and I was overwhelmed with heavy frustration.

(He also had this video in his entry, too. Okay, so it's totally nerdy, but how amazing is it?!)

Today started off a little grumpy, too, I'll admit, but it ended really, really well. First Literary Magazine meeting of the semester with our new sponsor and it was amazing. Mr. Reynolds stood up and just asked us questions about the magazine, our goals, etc. He actually has a lot of experience putting together these sorts of things, so I think we're so lucky to have him as our sponsor. (Not that I didn't like Ms. McGrew! Really! I'm just saying, really good meeting today!) I'm really excited for Lit Mag this semester. My senior year, my last year, and can you blame me for wanting it to be amazing?

I can't stop listening to the Juno soundtrack and just remembered that I need to tell my dad my plans for this weekend so I'd better go and inform him before I wake up and randomly find he's got other stuff to do in the morning.



jordynt said:

Ok I said I'd try to leave some, uh, advice(?) for you when I was in a better frame of mind for it.

So here I am.

And all I can say is that very few people are THOSE people, and of those that are, even less of them are actually cool people to really be close friends with. Some of them are all show and no substance.

Find the people of substance, Amy H., and you will be alright.

January 11, 2008 10:02 PM