Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

An overview of events that prove how absolutely exciting my life is. Um.

What's up in Amy's life lately? (Obviously not making interesting posts. But bear with me. Life is not very interesting right now.)

So let's see... last post was last Thursday? Ah yes, the voice post! I love voice posts. Hmm. But since then? I guess I'll just outline my past week for you, since nothing incredibly significant is sticking out in my mind.

• Lit Mag is having ups and downs right now, but after chatting with Mr. Reynolds I fixed up some problems with him. Apparently a few other people (who will remain unnamed, but they most likely know who they are, sigh) think that he's still all dictator-like and such, but honestly. It's not about having a fantastic sponsor, it's about putting out a fantastic magazine! But anyway, they think we need to switch back to our old sponsor. I think this is the last thing we need. I love Ms. McGrew, really, but we can't keep switching back and forth, or else nothing will get done. Plus, they don't know anything that went down in the chat that I had with Mr. Reynolds because they weren't there. And oh, they were definitely invited along, but when it came to confronting him, they just stood back and were like, "Oh. Uh. I don't want to talk to him." Pfft. Okay then. I'll do all the work, thankssss.

(...but moving on.)

• I got into Juniata College last Friday! Very exciting! I now eagerly await the letter in which they tell me that they want me to come interview for a full-tuition scholarship. :B I want want wantttt that scholarship, oh man.

• Urinetown rehearsal didn't exist last weekend, which was niiiice. Because all that I wanted to do was sit around and watch more Yamapi goodness and read Crime and Punishment. (Only one of those I actually did, though. Um.) Yes, on Saturday, I finished watching Nobuta wo Produce (!!! so much love, so much love, so much) and then on Sunday I watched another drama of his — Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no you ni (meaning It was sudden, like a storm) — and basically drooled a lot. Um. I kind of adore this guy. Oh Saskia, look what you've done to me!

• I finished Crime and Punishment last night! Yeah! Sure, a little late, but well worth it. Good book, though the ending did kind of disappoint me. Something about it was too, hmm. Happy? Sort of. Um. I don't really know how to say it. But good book, nonetheless. Even better, though, is the fact that I can read whatever I want now! Yay!

• English presentation this morning! Actually, the day started off as total crap. I woke up, touched my glasses, and they broke. What the crap! A very angry morning. But I got to school, talked to some friends, and cheered up. Apparently, my taping job was so fabuloso that barely anyone even noticed the brokenness of my glasses. (Gift wrap tape works splendidly, actually.)

• This afternoon, when my dad picked me up at school and started driving us over to Simpson Optical so that we could order my new frames, he told me that Honey Bean is getting kicked out! Something about an evil landlord or something. Oh man. I love Honey Bean! This local coffee shop that is actually close by! So sad. So after putting in the order for frames, we walked over and got yummy coffee products. They're leaving tomorrow. :(

• I seem lately to be spending a significant amount of time talking to myself and daydreaming for long periods of time. Honestly, last Thursday or Friday I lay down on my bed and stared at the wall, meaning to drift off for a few minutes, but ended up staring at the wall daydreaming for a full hour. Great waste of my life, right? Something about life lately just has me feeling so idealistic and whimsical and, well, preoccupied, I guess. (Now you all officially think I'm supercrazy, I'm sure. But don't tell me you don't sometimes go off into bouts of chattering with yourself, creating certain situations and ideal circumstances. It's fun for a smile, really! But I guess I should attempt to tone it down. I mean, seriously. Staring at a wall for an hour?!)

• This week, Professor Steve Steve should be arriving in the mail! Who is Professor Steve Steve, you ask?

He is an amazing panda, the mascot of The Panda's Thumb, a blog my dad contributes to. Last summer, we got to keep him for a month or so because we took him on a trip to the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky. (Scary place, really. It's just nutty.) Sometime next month, a man is coming to the local UU church to talk about his visit to the Creation Museum. We figure he might enjoy meeting Professor Steve Steve, haha. And man oh man, am I excited about bringing him to school! As dorky as it sounds, when all of my friends left me for camps and such this past summer. Professor Steve Steve was my best buddy. Ahahaha. (And wow. As if the talking to myself didn't already make me supercrazy, add in befriending a panda puppet.)

• And lastly, as silly as it sounds, my adoration of Yamapi is keeping me so insanely cheery right now. Lots of stupid and annoying things have been going on as of late, and so this new lovely obsession is just what I need to keep a smile on my face. The music and the dramas are just so happymaking, from "Nobuta power, chuunyu!" to listening to Gomen ne Juliet and dancing around a little bit in my seat every day at lunch. Oh, how much I now wish I understood japanese... then all would be complete *_*


• ahgujksdag,jfs, one last sad thing: John Edwards? Out of the race. So sad :( my happiness over finally being able to vote has gone down a bit. Sigh.


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