Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Why yes, I do hang out with pandas on a semi-regular basis.

It's been raining a lot lately. Earlier last week, we had those horrid storms that brought in terrible winds and even tornadoes (god, storms scare the crap out of me). It's been very muddy everywhere I go, caking my shoes and making my green fleur-de-two-lys shoes not quite so lovely. I suddenly find myself wanting a very brightly-colored raincoat.

It was nice and sunny yesterday. For the thirty minutes that I was at school for Urinetown rehearsal (which was then cancelled, due to the dance instructor not being able to come), we were in the connector building, surrounded by glass and happy that the sun was out and all seemed happy. My friends and I chatted about how we should have more rehearsals in the connector building. The sunshine definitely beats out the theater lighting.

But now it's dreary again.

I don't really like this time of year very much. It's always dreary. Gray and wet. I don't like hearing the wind gusting outside my window, the tree branches scratching the sides of the house, the rain slapping the windows. It just sounds cold and gloomy outside. No screaming, laughing kids running around the street. I prefer sunshine.

But no matter. I can find a way to make the best of today. I plan on eating a delicious chicken salad sandwich (from somewhere — I don't particularly care — I've simply been craving chicken salad since yesterday afternoon) and watching some videos and writing and doing homework and reading. (I finished the Gemma Doyle trilogy yesterday — so amazing, oh man. Now I'm working on a borrowed book called Hairstyles of the Damned. It's okay so far. I'm not sure it's really the sort of book I'm into, but I borrowed it and my friend wants it back and so I'd better get on with reading it. It'll probably get better. Keep an open mind, Amy, sheesh!)

I also plan to hang out more with Professor Steve Steve. His last day in town is also nearing. Did I show you any pictures of when I brought him to school this week? No, I don't think so. (The pictures aren't that fantastic — I'd forgotten my actual camera, so I had to use my camera phone. Boo.)

He came to science club, where he already knew Vincent.

And he introduced himself.

We took a tour of the chemical storeroom, where he classified himself as "Generally Safe."

And he meets OSHA requirements! Yeah!

We cleaned him up a little bit... that he would be respectable enough to meet the Pope Mole! (And that other dude is his Charles Darwin sidekick.)

The Professor's last day in Lexington is Tuesday, as he gets shipped out on Wednesday to do other important business. He's even been invited out for dinner on Tuesday evening! How lovely. Then after dinner, we'll be heading over to the UU church, I think, for a talk some guy is giving about his visit to the Creation Museum. Should be exciting!

Oh! One last thing! Completely random, but no matter. I came across the most amazing necklace ever today. Honestly, I wish I could have it. So much. Isn't Etsy so fantastic? Ah!



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