Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Seeing as it's been awhile!

Okay, I feel really bad. It's been a while since I (or anyone else besides Amy G, it looks) has blogged on here! It's not even that I've been busy — really, not that busy. More like senioritis has set in when it comes to every aspect of my life — school and non-school lives alike. Let's see, when was the last time I posted? Oh, like, last Sunday? My gosh! What's happened since then?

Well, Darwin Day was February 12th, and that was also the last day we had Professor Steve Steve around.

We took him to meet with the Darwin Day event peoples, joining them for dinner at the café at Joseph-Beth. Look, they had a menu made up 'specially for him, ahaha. (And that horse there is Dr. Ginger Kasey. God, all of the stuffed animal love. So hilarious.)

And yes, my gosh, they even brought him drinks. He's a party animal, that Steve Steve.

And he stole away to the teen section of the bookstore to sneak a peek at Red ;) (Look! We get a little sign on the bookshelf!)

Then we headed over to the UU church for the Creation Museum presentation and the panel discussion. Professor Steve Steve indeed had his own spot on the panel.

Overall, a very eventful day. The twelfth, see, was also a snow day! As was the thirteenth. And man. Those were good days. Good days. Just relaxing and reading and enjoying my general laziness.

Seeing as February has become my "read whatever you feel like it!" month, here's a book update: I finished the Gemma Doyle trilogy — lovelovelovelove, need I say more? Then I read, um. Hairstyles of the Damned by Joe Meno (it was interesting, I'll say — good, though not really the style I'm into at the moment), Fight Club (which was, um, weird, haha), and Violet on the Runway by Melissa Walker (she was at the RED release party, so of course I had to read her book!). Now I'm working on The Boy Detective Fails, also by Joe Meno — though I am enjoying this one much more than Hairstyles. It's interesting, and absolutely heartbreaking. Oh man. I love it. It took a while to get into it, I'll admit, because it's very unusual, but it's fantastic, really. Next, I plan on reading 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson, because I saw it on Saskia's bedroom floor when I was at her house this weekend and decided to borrow it because, hello, love Maureen Johnson. (I keep putting off The Psychology of Joss Whedon, I know. Eventually, eventually.)

Now, I'll be missing two days of school this week so that I can head up to Juniata for a scholarship interview on Friday. I applied for the arts scholarship (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it here, I sent in a wonderful portfolio with a copy of RED, an excerpt from my novel, a few poems, a letter from Amy G, two Literatures CDs — I think I totally beat out anybody else who applied for it, haha, I'm that confident!) and so along with the interview, there's a luncheon (gosh, how awkward will that be? All of us competing for six scholarships, having to eat lunch together? Um, should be fun, er), and then I plan on sitting in on a history class and attending an instrumental music session and a study abroad session, as well as chatting with some people from their club that is equivalent to a Gay-Straight Alliance. Should be a very eventful day! Hopefully I won't be sick then, though, as I have an icky cold or something, and it makes me sad :(

And now, to remind everybody that Saskia's created a monster in introducing me to Johnny's Entertainment, Yamapi, etc., a few videos that make me happy and that maybe will make you smile or dance or what have you (because honestly, how pretty is every single member of NEWS? So pretty!):

Snow Express: Such an amazing song. And Yamapi rapping? HOW MUCH LOVE? SO MUCH LOVE.

Sayaendou: I love the "bravo bravo!" bits, haha. And when they fly, it makes me happy :B

Koyama and Shige being hilarious in their hotel room: Oh my god. Their giddiness makes me so giggly. I seriously want to be best friends with them, haha.

Okay. Enough dorkiness from Amy. Like you all even watch the videos, ahaha. I just figure, you know, maybe I can convert more people ;) ahaha.

Oh! And one last thing: chances are good I'll finally be seeing Spring Awakening over spring break ;) rock!


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