Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

This time, my blogging break is due to having an actual life!

So I've been gone, I know. I haven't posted in a while.

Well. Last week I was in Disney World with my school's orchestra. We did a fantastic workshop in which we got to record Beauty and the Beast, which was then put to the actual scene in the movie! Oh man, fabulous. The next day, we played a concert here in Magic Kingdom:

That's my friend Cara with me. We took a bunch of fantastic pictures with Disney characters. I love Cara so much, haha.

And, of course, we romped around the parks. It was magical, beautiful, wonderful. There's no place like Disney World.

The day after returning, Michelle and I played our first wizard rock show at the library downtown.

Wizard Rock

Yeah, I wore my Mickey pirate ears. I was (and still am) on a Disney-high. But oh man. It was amazing. Some people actually knew the words to one of our songs! And afterwards, people wanted pictures with us! And we got to sign someone's guitar! And we sold CDs! Add to my Disney-high a Wizard Rock-high and, man. I was just going crazy with love.

We played with a very lovely band called Tom Riddle And Friends.

Wizard Rock

And by lovely, I mean hot hot hot.

Wizard Rock

How about one more, yes?

Wizard Rock

*heartflutter* After they were done, they came and chatted with Michelle and me and we hugged them and all that was going through my mind was, "IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING." I am such a hormonal teenage girl.

After TRAF was Gred & Forge. He is so hilarious. And at the merch table afterwards, he gave me a copy of his CD for FREE. How cool is that?!

Unfortunately, most of my pictures of him totally sucked, so only one :(

Wizard Rock

But after him was The Remus Lupins, one of the more well-known Wizard Rock artists. Alex Carpenter is so amazing.

Wizard Rock

(And okay, attractive. I had to say it.)

This wizard rock show? The best I've ever been to. Yes, because I was in it. But, I mean. To be on the other side of the curtain, to be one of the bands instead of just one of the fangirls (well, in my case, both now)? dkjsfdmk. So happy-making.

Wizard Rock

On Wednesday, our orchestra attended festival (straight Distinguished scores! ROCK!) and then had our concert on Thursday.


My last high school festival. Next-to-last high school orchestra concert. It's starting to dawn on me that this is my last semester of high school. I'm so going to miss this orchestra when I leave for college. hfjiksjf. Stopping with the sadness right now.

Friday was Pi Day. We had a party in orchestra for the end of festival and for Disney World and stuff, in which I ate a small piece of cake, a brownie, a few cookies. It was bad. Then it got worse, because in Calculus, we had pie. I had two small pieces of pie. dfjikf. So much eating.

Then at home, my sister and I made pizza (it's a type of pie!) and strawberry pie.

Pi Day

We just used this Chef Boyardee box mix stuff, where you make your own dough and then it has some crappy cheese and pizza sauce. Yeah, we put on better cheese and some pepperonis. Delicious.

Pi Day

Working on the strawberry pie, our first (store-bought, of course) crust kind of... failed. Epically.

Pi Day

So we had to go out and buy another crust. Graham cracker crust probably isn't the best for strawberry pie, but we dealt.

Pi Day

It looks kind of messy (and a little too sharpened in this picture, sorry — it was blurry!), but it was delicious nonetheless.

Pi Day

It kind of fell apart on the plate, haha.

Pi Day

And, all right. Yamapi had to make an appearance on Pi Day. Yamapi. Pi Day. IT WORKS, ALL RIGHT? So I made this image of Yamapi's head on a strawberry pie (cough, fueling my need for strawberry pie) and then printed it out and put it in a pin. Which now is on my backpack. dfhkjsd. You love me, don't lie.

So now I'm at Saskia's house, where we've been chilling, making cookies, chilling, watching a video on volcanoes, chilling, listening to music, chilling. Tomorrow, we're going for brunch at Alfalfa's and then I'm going to the Apple Store in Louisville (the hard drive on our family computer has crapped out, and so what better time to finally visit the Apple Store?! Which, by the way, could most definitely be renamed Heaven).

Now, I'm going to go chill and listen to more music and finish crafting an e-mail to Harry and the Potters and think about how to write my music critique on Serge Gainsbourg's Ballade de Melody Nelson. Hopefully, I'll start posting more frequently again soon :)


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