Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

Still scared, less anxiety-ridden.

First of all, as Amy G requested: college talk!

Well, more of it anyway.

I'm currently trying to decide between Hampshire College and Juniata College. I'm leaning more for Juniata right now, but sometimes I'll be leaning more for Hampshire. I simply can't make up my mind :/ And to complicate matters, I'll be visiting Transylvania University on Friday because they called me up yesterday and convinced me that I should come and sit in on a class, because I shouldn't rule out going to school in Lexington just because it's in Lexington! Plus, the woman I spoke with was so nice and understanding about the whole "GET OUT OF KENTUCKY" mindset, that I realized hey, I could at least give Transy a fair play (also considering they've given me the nicest financial aid package). Soo. Basically, college is annoying and confusing and yet I still don't even know where I'll be going next year. Rough!

Here's my total list of schools applied to and my status:

• Juniata (accepted)
• Wittenberg (accepted)
• Kenyon (wait-listed)
• University of Kentucky (accepted)
• Transy (accepted)
• Centre (accepted)
• NYU (wait-listed)
• Tufts (rejected)
• Hampshire (accepted)
• Sarah Lawrence (wait-listed)

I am pretty curious about the wait-listed schools, though. Will I get in?! Who knows!

And now, pictures from Memphis and Oxford! I promised these, and so I shall deliver :)

Obligatory foot picture. Saskia's foot on the right, mine on the left.

After eating dinner at Rendezvous, we went up to greet the Peabody ducks in their "penthouse" and get group pictures.

My teacher, Mr. Liimatta, climbing over the Mississippi River. COOLEST EVER.

After the big group picture, my little group of friends got our own picture taken :)

Saskia is a good boy so far.

The next day, we went to hang out in Oxford. First we visited Rowan Oak, William Faulkner's home. SO GORGEOUS THERE, LET ME TELL YOU.

When we boarded the bus again, Mr. Liimatta forced us all to smell the wisteria. Except Saskia, who was wearing it in her hair.

We chilled at Faulkner's grave. Mr. Liimatta read sections to us from The Sound And The Fury, and Michelle (my fellow Wand/Literature gal) preached to us the words of Rev. Shegog.

I chilled a little with Faulkner myself, and very much enjoyed the wonderful town of Oxford. Ohhh. It was a marvelous trip.

I'm headed off to prom this Saturday, which is going to be fun, I hope! I have a pretty dress and I'll be riding in a limo with a few of my friends and it's going to be so wonderful :)

I didn't even really care about prom until January, when some of my classmates were talking about it. I suddenly realized, "Hey. I want to be able to say I went to my senior prom."

On a final note, I'm registered to vote! And on May 20th, I'll be voting in my state's primary election. Oh, how exciting.


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