Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

I can't think of a good title, so this will have to do.

This is just a list of my life since May 1st. Yeah, there's a week or so missing there since my last update. But that was just a week of school, rehearsal and not enough sleep.

Lists seems pretty darn good to me.

Wednesday, April 30th:
• Urinetown opened. It rocked a lot. We actually pulled it together.

Thursday, May 1st:
• Turned 18.
• Sent off my deposit to Juniata College (and over the next few days, signed up for an orientation, began putting together a tentative schedule for next fall, etc).
• The cast of Urinetown sang Happy Birthday to me.
• Got cake and cannolis.

Friday, May 2nd:
• Woke up with a crazy sore throat and a cough.
• Voice deteriorated, asthma triggered. Am still trying to recover from that, but unfortunately I never seem to have time to rest.

Sunday, May 4th:
• Urinetown ended. Even with my crappy voice, I still managed to sort of sing in the shows. It was actually a total blast.

Wednesday, May 7th:
• Took the AP Calculus exam. Not that bad, I guess.

Thursday, May 8th:
• Ate breakfast at Tolly Ho with a bunch of my classmates, Coach Reed and Mr. Liimatta. Mr. Liimatta is the coolest EVER. He did his chicken and monkey prank noises for us, and when the mayor walked into Tolly Ho (apparently he eats breakfast there, like, every day?), Mr. L asked him to give us a pep talk — and he did! It was fantastic. Somehow, life is always amusing when Mr. Liimatta is around.
• We did the breakfast and pep talk because this morning, I took the AP English Lit exam. I think I did okay. We'll see.
• Mentoring showcase. It was actually supernice. I was smiling throughout all of the presentations. Everybody did such great projects! I'm really proud of my classmates, really really.
• Ate a quick dinner with James, Brian, Saskia and Portia at McDonald's tonight after mentoring. Was amusing. I love my friends.

Friday, May 9th:
• Got into NYU (off the waitlist, baby!), and requested the official acceptance packet and financial aid package. Wouldn't it be cool if they gave me lots of monies? :)
• Went to the Urinetown cast party.
• Did a lot of karaoke and killed my dying voice.

Saturday, May 10th:
• Sat around the house all day, sickly and gross.
• Went to the orchestra pops concert (my final concert :( sad!).
• Got the senior gift, which is a gorgeous and shiny jewelry box (and boys got beer steins, ahah).
• Surprised Mrs Neff with her new podium — which is amazingly beautiful, Mr Reynolds did a fantastic job, seriously.

Sunday, May 11th:
• Sat around the house all day, even more sickly and gross.
• Ate food from Belle Notte that my dad brought from the restaurant, because I felt too crappy to actually go out and eat. I kind of put a damper on mother's day :(

Monday, May 12th:
• Ate breakfast in Mrs Minor's class.
• Taught Newton's Method to my Calculus class.
• Confirmed the notion that I am the suckiest math teacher alive.

Now, I am sitting in the living room, actually in a pretty foul mood. I am still incredibly sick — I thought it was improving, but I think that karaoke on Friday night set it all off again. Now it's to the point where when I sit down from walking around the house for a few minutes, my chest hurts and the coughing only makes it worse and why can't I just get better already, because this has persisted since May 2nd, my god!

I also would like to be reviewing a few topics for my psychology AP exam tomorrow — the one I actually have a chance on — kids, say no to AP Chemistry, unless you're really really smart — but I can't find a quiet place in the house to do so because my mom is in the TV room clacking away on the computer and my sister and her friend are upstairs cackling away in her room (though I asked my dad to tell her no friends until after tomorrow — she'd yell at me if I tell her, and I can't handle it when she yells at me because she never listens, just yells and yells) and no matter where I go I will hear one of these and it will drive me insane. I can handle the faint sounds of kids playing outside, or of neighbors mowing their lawns. But the sounds of the keyboard or of people eating/talking/laughing — I just can't do it. I love how nobody in this house is at all considerate of the girl trying to finish out her senior year of high school.

Tomorrow I will:
• Take (and most likely fail) the Chemistry AP exam.
• Eat lunch in the car.
• Take (and hopefully ace) the Psychology AP exam.
• Die.
• Go to Lexington GSA.

Someday I'll blog about "exciting" things again. Hopefully. If I survive the next two weeks, anyway.


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