Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

I guess I go to New York a lot.

Hello! Just checking in here, as it's been about two weeks since I last posted. I had midterms one of those weeks and spring break the next. I gotta tell you, spring break was a welcome vacation.

As for my midterms, I am waiting to get my Anthropology midterm back, but I received my Latin American Society & Culture midterm grade today. I was so worried about that exam, so unsure of how to approach studying for it (I ended up typing up all of my notes from class, reorganizing them, etc.), and when I walked away from the test I didn't feel very good about it at all. Today in class he told us that a lot of people didn't do very well—which scared the bejeezus out of me even more. And so he handed mine to me and... and I got a ninety?! Really?! Holy cannoli!

Spring break was wonderful! My roommate Brittany brought me and our friend Lyndsey to her home on Long Island. It was my first time taking a train (go Amtrak, whoo!), and I've also never been to Long Island before. It surprised me how much I really liked it! Brittany showed us around Northport and Huntington, and also took us to the movies (I wanted to see Watchmen but we saw Confessions of a Shopaholic instead—which, okay, was hilarious, haha) and the aquarium.

Lyndsey and I loved seeing seagulls everywhere. We took, er, a lot of seagull pictures.

And it was so great to be able to take the train into New York City. We went to the Met and Times Square, 5th Avenue and Canal Street, and I even attempted some Gossip Girl stalking. (Sadly I did not meet anybody, as we weren't at the filming location at a time of filming. But I did manage to track down the trailers! God, I'm such a creep.) Lyndsey had never been to NYC before, so it was fun taking her around the city. She convinced us to go on the ferris wheel in the Times Square Toys-R-Us, which was SPECTACULAR. We got the My Little Pony car (though Lyndsey wanted the pink Barbie convertible—"But that one has rainbows and ponies!" I said. I won).

But now it's back to the daily grind. I've got papers to start researching for and writing, and books to read, and all sorts of other fun homework things. But hey! At least it's getting warmer! Goodness knows I'm tired of the cold.


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