Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

The Never Ending Month of May

Not that I don't like the month of May. I adore it! My birthday starts it off, ending my first year of college made it grand, and I got to sit in a car for, like, half of it (which, okay, is not all that fun, actually).

But seriously. It's still May? The end of May, sure. But it's still May?! This month feels as if it has dragged on foreverrrr. I feel like half of my summer has already passed, when in actuality it has not. And thank goodness because I'm still looking for a job, since I'm in desperate need of monies.

A lot has gone on this month since I last updated the day after my birthday, which I guess might explain why this month has felt so long. Here's a nice little bulleted list:

• I stayed up until 3:30 the morning before I left school to finish two papers. Then I spent another half hour packing up more of my room (and even though the styrofoam that came in my printer box kept squeaking like crazy, my roommate managed to sleep through my loudness), and decided that it was time to go to bed. Since I had to wake up at 8:30am. My dad and I then packed up the rest of my room, I checked out of my dorm (until next year, third floor Lesher!), turned in my papers (one professor wasn't in his office, but I assume he got the paper as I managed a B in the class, and the other professor was, so I chatted him up a little before leaving—I was the first person to turn in the paper, too, which came as no surprise to me seeing as it was actually technically due the following Tuesday—tell me why I felt the need to go to my sister's graduation? Oh, right, because I'm an awesome sister like that, cough cough anyway), and by 10:15 my dad and I had Sheetz coffee in hand and were on the road.

• The day after getting home, my family went back up to Wooster, Ohio, to see my sister graduate from college. We met up with Heather, her friend Julia, and my nana, and went out to dinner on Saturday night, then did some special graduate stuffs on the Sunday (a luncheon thingamawhatter). Also on Sunday my dad, sister and I got supercompetitive when we went out to a go-cart track. Let me tell you, after years and years of losing to the two of them, I am something ferocious now! The first race, I was able to hold off my dad until the final lap (THE FINAL LAP UGH), and the second one it wasn't even between me and my dad or sister, but me and this other kid who raced with us who was insane!. Had we gone just a little longer, I so would've spun him out (or so I like to think, um).

• After that I was home for three days and hung out mostly with my friend Katie. My family also went to see Star Trek. Which, yes, I LOVED OMG.

• I spent the next weekend with Miss Saskia Boggs in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I had never been to Michigan, so I added another state to my list and got to spend time with the best person in the entire world. We went out to dinner at a Lord of the Rings-themed pizza place, and did manual labor in Kalamazoo for her Building Blocks class, and saw a fantastic musical, and ate good food at the Crow's Nest I think it was called, and we watched JONAS and Wizards of Waverly place because we're just. that. cool, as well as an episode and a half of Buffy in her boyfriend's room (and I sat on his Red Wings blanket and I hope it smells horrible because hello Pittsburgh Penguins plzkthx). And basically just getting to spend time with Saskia made my life :)

• Since then, I have officially been back in Lexington for break. I went to see Star Trek in IMAX and got to pet the penguins at the Newport Aquarium (REAL LIVE PENGUINS! I PET THEM! I DIDN'T EVEN CARE THAT I GOT PENGUIN POO ON MY FOOT! THEY WERE THAT CUTE!). I helped DJ at Pride Prom (which, um, could have been a lot more stress-free except we had some MAJOR TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES ESPECIALLY DURING THE DRAG SHOW AND I WANTED TO HIDE IN THE CORNER AND CURL UP IN A BALL AND DRINK FROM A JUICE BOX it was that frustrating) and participated in the rally downtown yesterday against California's decision to uphold Prop 8 (fhidjsak I love all of my LexGSA friends so dearly, they are some of the most fantastic people I have ever met in my life). I've applied for a bunch of jobs and should call some places back about my applications, which I guess I will do today or tomorrow. A former postdoc of my dad's came to visit for a little bit with his family and I loved chatting with them (apparently I've grown up a lot, ahaha), and we even gave the two daughters a copy of RED (yay!).

Tonight, the Summer Movie Classics at the Kentucky Theater begin with The Apartment! And tomorrow, the Country Fair begins (and continues until Sunday)! And then it will be June. And I guess May really does end. Huh. How 'bout that.

Also, I got my grades back. Four As, an A-, and a B. My cumulative GPA is 3.7 AND IT FEELS HELLA AWESOME. As does knowing that the Penguins are going to the Stanley Cup finals! Whooooo! (My dad isn't happy about this, though. The Pens swept the Hurricanes, who beat the Bruins. And my dad is all about them Bruins. So er. Hockey's kind of a touchy subject in our household. I'M A TRAITOR, TEHEHE.)

Here's hoping I get a job. :/ And parents are finally forcing me into getting my license. So I guess I'll have to start driving myself everywhere. Sigh. Oh well. I'll get used to it. I hope. Errrr.


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