Maybe I'm a little too obsessive.

TV + Videos + So ready for tomorrow to be over!

1) Chuck. Does anybody else watch Chuck? Who watched it tonight? I won't spoil anything for those who may have yet to watch it, but I will say this: WHAT THE CRAP NOT COOL OH MY GOD! ...*breathe*. Okay. Moving on.

2) As per Amy G's request: here's a link to the video of Saskia doing a few sit-ups in the Museum of Natural History! What nerds we are. And here's a video of Saskia eating. (Warning: she does the gross :seafood/see food" thing reminiscent of elementary school. Oh Saskia.)

3) Man. Only one more day of school left this week, and then freedom! Going to school today felt weird. I would have much rather woken up and walked down the street to get a bagel or something... oh, funny how much I now prefer that, seeing as I was only in NYC for three days. And I am still trying to convince my dad that I need to go back next month for Spring Awakening. If I can get enough people on my side, maybe he'll say yes... soon... very soon....

Not only this whole school thing, but Thanksgiving is on Thursday! Food! (Not the biggest fan of turkey, but maaaan do I love stuffing.) And we get to have Thanksgiving dinner this year with two of my cousins. I'm so excited. I love having family over for holidays. I love family. I love tradition. I love the holidays. (But I do not love how early Christmas is advertised! Sheesh! I want Thanksgiving decorations! Giant pies and turkeys on the lawn, not Christmas lights and wreaths covering houses! And skip the Christmas carols! Give me Thanksgiving music!)



zulayr said:

Those vids are hilarious! And I did the same thing that Saskia did with her seafood, to my friend

only that was up until i found out what calamari was. then the fun and games stopped. :x

November 19, 2007 7:42 PM

sarahs said:

My arm! In the situps video. Haha.

I watch Chuck, which you know. Which part is not cool? I'm guessing the, well, end (which I spoiled myself for like 2 weeks ago). That is pretty vague for keeping things spoiler free hopefully.

Yay for Thanksgiving!

November 20, 2007 4:31 AM

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