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November 2007 - Posts

  • I love Saskias idea. And her name.. Yeahh.

    Dorky Pride: Wow. What a great idea. I love those moments too. Where its just so rediculous but you do it anyway. So lets see, let me think of one.. Ill get back to that.

     Anyway. Im pretty excited about the LA party. Me and my mom are leaving this Friday at like 5 am. :X Gah. But we get a rental car! Yay! Going to see a bunch of museums and such as well. Too bad I cant drive the rental. :\ Ah well. So anywayy.

    I have to write a story up to 5 pages long for a scholarship. It has to be about AIDS/HIV and how the people in the story are affected by it.. Yeahh. It made me think of my Uncle. He died of AIDS before I was born. Hmm. Thought provoking..

    I guess thats it. Thats pretty depressing.. Ah well.

    Dork of the Day: "Your aura is purple!" -Almost Famous.

  • Wow I am amused.

    Ok so you guys know how we were told not to use our full names, hometown, blah blah blah in this? Well guess what. On the review page, there is a link to a newspaper article. About me. With my name. And hometown. And everything. Hah. Its amusing to me. :D

    Thats all for now.

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  • Lies. Music. And lies.

    So currently I am: A. Home alone. B. Missing the first show of my lifetime. C.Listening to a great remix of a sucky song. D.Pondering.

    So my friend was lying to us. Well, actually he got the wrong information from the delinquents ex-girlfriend who is my worst enemy just because shes there. My friend (we'll just call him JB. Jail bird. Get it?) isnt going to juvy. Just house arrest and suspension for 3 months. They say that if we step on his property, we could get arrested as well as him. So I plan on just standing in the middle of the street in front of his house and yelling at him. :] Good plan?

    99% of my friends are at the moment going to what could have been my first concert ever. This Calender Year. :[ That would've been so fun. :\ But Ill be able to go to Punks Not Dead tomorrow. :] 

  • Yeahhh!

    So... Whoo! A blog, website, book. Man we've accomplished a lot! And hey! We're published authors too!! :D
    We essentially rock guys.

    So lets start this thing eh?
    I have mainly one thing to report on: I just found out today that my good guy friend is going to juvy for 2 years. Until hes 18. I probably wont see him until then either. Maybe even longer. But there is a plus side to this whole ordeal, he gets to get away from his stepdad. Who, mind you, is not a good person at all and should be the one in jail. I dont like the idea of him being in juvy but I dont disagree with him being there. He did something stupid and should be punished, but Im still gonna miss him.
    Anyway. I cant wait to talk to all you guys and meet some of you at the LA party!!