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November 2008 - Posts

  • I live in Procrastination Nation. [Edit.]

     Here is my To Do List:

    *Do Laundry
    *Call Mom
    *Call Job Shadow
    (Im not doing that unless I have to.)
    *Math Homework
    *English Essay plus Oral Report
    *US History Essay plue Oral Report
    *Figure out my Drama Costume

    And now I'm just procrastinating. Yay! That should be on my list. I even have so much to do that I had to make a list to do it! It's stressing me out.. I'll post soon. Later. :E

    The last two I don't really have to do right this very minute. But they're still there. Annnnnd. There's a new one.

    *Watch Twilight.
    STILL have not seen it. Even though I work there. And even though it's readily available to me. Oh well. So does anyone else watch the Young and the Restless? Well, I'm sure I've told you guys before, me and my mom watch it regularly. And I'm watching it right now. Victor is going to kill Adam. :P And Sharon is going to kill Nick and Phyllis' marriage. And Noah is going to kill Sharon via heart attack because he's an intensely stupid kid. And it always amazes me that ALL of these people are connected by a.)blood. b.)marriage. c.)long lost sons/mothers/sisters/brothers. How could one city be so crazy? I'm cold. It's cold. I want to go back to Florida. And see my family. And graduate highschool so I can run away to Orlando and go to college. By the way. Does anyone have $30,000 dollars that they want to donate to the 'send Kali to Full Sail' fund? No? That's ok. I don't have an extra 30 grand laying around either. My state has a scholarship that's kind of easy to get, the catch is that you have to go to school in state. So that would just defeat the whole purpose of getting money to go to college if it's not the college you want.
    I guess I'll just have to owe alot of people, alot of money. And I'll have to save up alot of money, for a long time. Jeez, education sucks doesn't it? I wish my uncle would become a millionaire. He said if he did, he'd foot the bill. :]