She's No Saint..

But she'll take you to your knees.

June 2008 - Posts

  • Exit Here.

    This book, by Jason Myers, was absolutely amazing. At the beginning, I wasn't really sure how good it was going to be. It seemed like those stories you write when your little, with excruciating detail and bad descriptions. But in actuality, it was perfect. Everything was so real and so raw. The main character, Travis Wayne, is the son of the guy that owns like half of the city. He's one of those 'perfect' characters that no one likes, but he's not. He fights his father throughout the whole book and learns alot about how amazingly screwed up his life really is. Lets be honest, I suck at book reviews, but as for a recommendation, this book is totally worth it. 

  • My one hundred happies.

    This will be amazing, seeing as how there are alot of things making me UNhappy right now.

    1. Maxamillion. He is ah-mazing.
    2. Driving with my music up really loud.
    3. Goodbye Elliot. They are ah-mazing.
    4. Riding in the car with Cameron.
    5. Seeing my baby cousin and hearing him talk.
    6. Music lyrics that mean something.
    7. Feeling important.
    8. Staying up late.
    9. Waking up early. Suprisingly, once Im up Im happy.
    10. Getting off work early enough to see my family.
    11. They're great.
    12. They're fabulous.
    13. Snow.
    14. Swimming.
    15. Buying Earth Day shirts.
    16. Babies.
    17. Books that are completely not mainstream and are all about the tragic lives of teenagers.
    18. Overcoming my shyness and talking to the bands at the last show.
    19. Kyle and the other guy from Hazel and Vine who taught me the hand hug.
    20. Notes and pages of song lyrics from Erica.
    21. Texts from Erica that have song lyrics so that I can finish them and then we tell eachother "I love you."
    22. When people share in the tortures of my job, even when they dont even work there. Atleast they care.
    23. Dreams.
    24. Having conversations with people on the desks at school.
    25. My old biology teacher.
    26. Texting.
    27. Typing.
    28. Writing.
    29. Listening to music.
    30. Reading.
    31. Doing the whole internet thing.
    32. Hardcore dancing.
    33. Singing.
    34. The Warehouse.
    35. Seeing people come into the movies.
    36. The preview for Pineapple Express.
    37. Christian.
    38. Indie films on IFC that are totally bizzare.
    39. Fuse.
    40. Chris and Johnny Stimac. They are amazing musicians and singers. Not to mention amazing people.
    41. Remembering my childhood.
    42. Sleeping.
    43. Dozing.
    44. Writing a good story.
    45. My plans for after high school.
    46. Late night TV.
    47. New songs that are world changing.
    48. Maxamillion cared today, that meant alot.
    49. His name is not Maxamillion, but Im gonna call him that. That DOES count as a happy people.
    50. Taco Bell.
    51. Wendy's Frosty Shakes.
    52. Sugar-Free Rockstars.
    53. Standing front row at a show.
    54. Knowing when a band will suck and not listening to the suck.
    55. Deep conversations.
    56. Pretty eyed boys.
    57. Useless facts.
    58. Cereal.
    59. Going out to breakfast with my dad.
    60. Screamy music that used to scare me.
    61. The guy at the resturant my dad and me always go to for breakfast. Hes nice.
    62. Victim Effect.
    63. Acrostic Poems.
    64. Im a Junior.
    65. My car.
    66. Being completely happy.
    67. Josh got fired.
    68. My shirt that says, 'Green is the new Black.'
    69. New people.
    70. Twilight is coming out in December.
    71. Buying things online.
    72. Having money.
    73. Getting my paycheck.
    74. Sami.
    75. Incubus.
    76. Panic at the Disco.
    77. Catchy songs.
    78. The Beatles.
    79. Across the Universe.
    80. Doing things right.
    81. Erica.
    82. Sticking up for myself.
    83. The Spill Canvas.
    84. Spontaneous things.
    85. Adventures.
    86. When your at a sleepover and everyone is going to sleep and its really quiet and your the only one still awake.
    87. Coffee.
    88. Ice Cream.
    89. Chocolate.
    90. Ben Barnes.
    91. Driving at night when nobody's around.
    92. Optimistic people.
    93. Myspace surveys.
    94. Music Videos.
    95. The song, Handlebars by Flobots.
    96. The name Max.
    97. Jim Sturgess.
    98. Joe Anderson.
    99. Move Quotes.
    100. Accents.

    Oh my.
    I did it! That is quite amazing. :]