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March 2008 - Posts

  • Small Animals?

    First off, anyone see the video of the US soldier throwing a puppy over a cliff?? Whaaaat is the point, and whyyyy would you even think about doing that? Its like, a foot long little thing, and he cant do anything to defend himself. So why? Their not sure if they video is real yet but if you want to watch it (I wouldnt recommend it but if you want to) go here. Make sure to sign the petition too.
    Second, this is very depressing and horribly contrasts to what happened above but this morning, driving to school, a bird ran out in front of my and I sorta kinda accidently hit it. But, it was just so fast and seriously ran right out in front of me. DEFINANTLY not intentional. I was like "NO!" Because, seriously? What a horrible way to start you morning. I guess it just happens..
    Now, my aunt and uncle have had this dog for like, almost as long as Ive been living. He was fourteen and my mom told me that he died.. :[ Sadness. He was like the oldest dog in history though so Id like to say that he out lived himself... So..