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January 2008 - Posts

  • This ones for Alaska Young!

    Despite the fact that she is a fictional character. And despite the fact the she died at 3 am on my birthday. I love her. I love her, my crooked neighbor with all my crooked heart. Better yet. I love John Green, and The Colonel, and Takumi, and especially Pudge. I. Love. This. Book. It makes me want to write about last words, and the labrynth of suffering, and white lilies, and high school pranks. It is most definantly the root of all my inspiration.



    That is all. :] 

  • Heath Ledger??

    So I didnt even know who he was. And then my friend texted me and was like "Heath Ledger died." So I looked it up and apparently hes the one from Brokeback Mountain. Which Ive never seen before. And in the movie, theres Jake Gyllinghal (however you spell his name). So now I wanna watch Brokeback Mountain. :]

    Thats all for now..
    Oh yeah! Did I tell you guys about our GSA at my school? Well we didnt get approved for our posters. They were deemed to be "negative" and we were told to get the word out by simply telling people. Augh. Its so annoying. And now its Courtwarming week and all of the hallways at our school are all dressed up in certain themes and Im really mad because we cant have pretty colorful posters promoting tolerance among gays but they can put stuff in the hallways however they wish? Mad.

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  • New new new..

    So Im currently in my new house. Surrounded by a few very expensive things. All of which I only inherited by luck. My grandparents retired and are at the moment traveling across the States in their shiny RV. Again, we got the house by sheer luck. First of all, the fireplace. Who doesn't want a fireplace? Their so fabulous! And hey! It ACTUALLY makes real fire. Unlike the one in my apartment that ran on gas and cost a bunch to do anything with. Then we have a big screen TV. The only reason they don't get it is because its stuck in the wall. :] My brothers excited about watching and playing football on it, me and my mom are excited about playing Guitar Hero 3 on it. :D Then we have the $400 carpet. It even has a name! My, my my. Its about 2 inches thick and is only a few yards long. Again, sheer luck. Last but not least, the 20 something year old grandfather clock. Again, inherited by the fact that its too big to take cross country. And of course the house is twice as big as my apartment and I can play music really loud now. And guess what? I don't have people banging on the walls all night! Yay! We also got 2 new cats. And my mom let me adopt a dog for my birthday too. We went to the Nevada Humane Society and got him for about $25. Hes a beagle named Fonzie. I know, cool huh? Anyway. Just unpacking now.. Bleehh.

    Oh yeah. And Extreme Home Makeover is about 5 or 10 miles away from me. :]

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  • Its my birthday and I will most CERTAINLY cry if I freakin want to.

    Well, Im 16 now. Whoo. At the moment I am completely miffed. More miffed than one should be but ah well. Really all that makes me feel better right now, is the picture that my friend drew of me today. And the fact that I get a dog. :] It all started when I went to my 5th period after lunch and discovered that someone so inconspiculously taped a post it on my backpack that said "Its ok to be gay." Usually, Im not bothered at all by this because, frankly, Im not gay. But many of my comrades are and Im immediatly gay by association. Everytime. I attempted to not let it bother me. I put it on one of the balloons my friend gave me and didnt let it get to me. But it DID. So much. Because Im sick of it. Im sick of being labeled as gay. Because IM NOT. I support gays intensely. But I am not gay. Is it bad to accept gay people and actually NOT look at them with disgust? Is it bad to advertise my support? Apparently so. And I feel sorry for anybody who thinks so. And they'll have a metaphorical handprint on their face when we have our first GSA meeting. Im anticipating lots of ridicule. Too much in fact. But our school is due a revolution.
    And I have some creepy guy constantly wanting to touch me.. And I yelled at him about it today. He acted like he was innocent. No.
    Anyway.. Anyone know what kinda dog I should get?

  • Suprisingly enough, I forgot something.

    Jordyn, oh Jordyn. You totally reminded me of what I forgot. 2000. Who could forget it? What a night. I wasn't very old either, 8 or 9. Actually, almost 9. The anticipation. The excitement! The world was about to change! We would be living off canned food for months, passing the time listening to the radio on good Ole Y2K. We'd have to wait for forever for life to get back to normal, maybe it never would. Everybody was all stocked up. Watching the TV with anticipation. Once that ball dropped, the world would fall into chaos. Its 11:55. Im tiredly waiting for this whole shin dig to get over with so I can sleep. And wouldn't you know it? I fell asleep. 5 minutes before the world was going to change, and I slept through it. For all I know, there could have been an almost tragic computer glitch that was caught just in time. Somebody could've been killed by their computer. But I wouldn't know. I was sleeping. *sigh* Its funny how we've been acting superior for years and years, yet when the year hits the 000 mark. Watch out! We go into survival mode. We act like its the 1800 again, when gays,women, and blacks were supposedly going to take over the world if they were accepted into the straight, white, mens grace. Now we've moved up to computers and technology. Wow. We've come along way haven't we?

  • 2008 Way long. Beware.

    This year is way different than last year. Last year I spent the night alone talking on the computer and posting "Whoo 2007!" on a Myspace bulletin. That was about it. I then proceeded to discuss the sadness of the situation with another friend in the same such situation. This year though, this year takes up a mass amount of interest and excitement. We shall go by time frames. :D
    6:30 pm: Amanda calls me to tell me that she is leaving to go to The Warehouse. (The most awesome hang out that my dear old suburbian desert town has to offer. It is really fantastic.) I tell my mom that we have to go. We go. I drive. Still have difficulties driving in the dark but whatever. I get there.
    6:50 pm: I stand in a huddled triangle outside waiting for the doors to open because it is freezing. We talk and repeatedly curse the gods for how cold it is. Apparently it was 27 degrees. Im not too sure about that. But it was cold.
    7:00 pm: They open the doors. Im about the second person in line so I get warm quickly, but I look behind me and Amanda is waiting for other friend. Brett. Well known free loader but we love him anyway. Amanda is supposed to pay for his entry to our loveable house of worship. (Really, its a church on Wednesdays.) I see Brett inside already and phone her to tell her. Shes at the end of the line. Shes gonna hurt him. :]
    7:05 pm: We are all in, it doesn't take long, and Amanda has forgiven Brett. We lounge around and then go to the bathroom. Now I am taking the time to explain the bathroom because, even though its a low budget place, their bathroom rocks. 2 walls are painted blue, 2 black. The stalls are  black and have old BMW hubcaps on them. I have no idea why that is so cool. Anddd. The best part of all, the soap is powdered! No kidding. Its great. Ive made it a tradition to make it snow on my friends when they are in there.
    7:10 pm: We gather by the front of the stage. There are a few local bands playing until midnight and we all know its great to be right in on the action. We talk, and me and my California friend Lindsay scope out the people. Shortly after, the first band starts. They are named, Some Say Hero. All the way from Carson City, Nevada.
    7:15 pm: The band has started. Its not really what I expected. I look around and its like the crowd has died. Theres people there, but nobody's moving. It reminds me of that one music video where everybody's bored and have theirs arms crossed.. Yeah. You get it. They had rigamortis.
    My time frames start to get lost after the music starts playing so whatever.
    Once the first band is done, the better one comes on. Not the best. But better than the first. Wayward. The crowd comes back to life. We all start MOVING. My friends sing. I don't know the band.. Yeah.
    Next up, A House Cursed. (By the way. After every set, they auctioned off the band members to raise money and such. You could get a date with them or just get money to take your friends..) Anyway, to be perfectly honest, they scared me. :D They were a metal band. You know, long hair. Screaming. Mehh. Just kinda freaked me out. Not to mention that people actually started moshing. And I got sucked into it. Gah. I was scared. :D But I lived. And did some pushing and then got outta there.They finally got done with their songs and the lead singer was being auctioned. My friend Kendra bid $5. I doubt she expected to win. But, she did. Now she gets to go bowling with him! :D Hes actually a nice guy though. Not too scary. Just older. Like, 30..
    After them, All Day Drive. I was tired by then, you know. You just want to sit down. So thats what I did. I was in the front row, and I sat down. The next thing I knew, the lead singer threw his water bottle at me. I mean, come on. They were boring. I was bored. I was tired. And he was throwing stuff at me. I mean, its kind of a bad sign when somebody gets so bored the they sit on the floor at your show huh? Maybe you should, I dunno, be more interesting? Anyway, my friends told me that its complete taboo to sit down at a rock show. Whatever. I don't really care.
    Then, Dorcia. In my opinion, one of the best bands I heard. They were metal too, but more young, and cute. :] The lead singer was pretty. Lol. It seemed like they played longer but maybe thats just because I liked them better. There was moshing then too, but I was almost on the stage by then so I didn't get into this time. Just pushed people if they got too close. And with this band, I was actually surprised. I thought they were a rock band but the the lead singer just started screaming and I was like WHOA. Because hes more clean cut, and looks more rockish. But he was good. THEY were good.
    Ok, now its about 11:10 pm. Almost time. The big band comes on. The one that everyones been waiting for. Victim Effect.
    They are metal too, but they were different. A little bit of rock was pushed in there so that it was understandable and enjoyable. By now, I was the closest to the band. I could have reached up and touched the chicks keyboards. And watching them was just so cool. They had so much energy and they had a hook. They played about 3 songs and then it was 11:55. Glow sticks were passed out, everyone was watching the numbers countdown. The excitement kept rising. Then it started. At 15 we were all a little confused that it was starting there. 10 we yelled louder. 5 we were counting too fast, too excited to wait for time to catch up. 1 we all screamed. Then it flashed 2008 and we got the ooey gooey music going. But it was the good kind. And we were all screaming and there was confetti everywhere and nobody thought to say Happy New Year. They just wanted to scream and kiss each other and scream some more. All the girls who didn't have anybody kissed their friends on the cheek. Then there was a silence. Just kind of a hault to the screaming. Nobody was talking. Then I looked over and Brett and said "HAPPY NEW YEAR BRETT!"
    Victim Effect plays their last song. They start it with a "Welcome to 2008." Name of the song: Boom. The band is done. The crowd scatters. Some to concessions to get sparkling whatever it was. Some to the back to get merch from the bands. Me and my friends just stayed where we were and threw confetti at each other repeatedly and said Happy New Year way too much. We wondered to the back and got some sparkling whatever it was and toasted, sorta. And then me and Lindsay walked past the lead singer of Dorcia too many times. We got free posters for Victim Effect and met all the band members. They were all so nice. The girl was awsome. Kinda the sweet, yet hardcore girl. I called my brother, he was sleeping. But he came to get me. My friends Erica, Laura, and Maria needed a ride but they were too far out of the way for me to give it to them, and we didn't have room. But Brett didn't need to go too far so we gave him one. Erica and the others got a ride with a band member in his cool car. I was happy that they at least didn't have to walk. Because, if it was 27 at seven, then it was way colder by midnight.
    1:00 am: My brother finally comes and we drive Brett, we stop for icees. :D Then I explain the whole night to my brother on the way home.
    1:30 am: We get home and my brother immediately goes to bed. I stay up and search for the bands I liked then went off to sleep. Yet there was too much of a buzz in the air and my ears were ringing so I stayed up and watched ANTM marathon.
    2:30 am: I finally go to sleep after a long day.
    Forget the fact that it was cold. Forget that I got dizzy a few times during the night. Forget that people were jerks. It was a great night. The best New Years so far. And I cant wait til next year.
    So, how was everyone else's?