She's No Saint..

But she'll take you to your knees.

October 2008 - Posts

  • It's been too long.

    It's been a long time since I've been on. It's been a long time since I've even THOUGHT about red, but it's been difficult. I really have changed since my essay. And now I realize why I hate it so much, it's not me anymore. It never even felt like me. It felt like someone else wrote it. But when my mom read it, she said it sounded just like me. But it really wasn't. It was messed with, and edited just enough to make it not my own. It was like I gave them the lines and they printed out the script, just in a totally different order. Now I'm not that sad little girl anymore who just about had a break down when somebody called me names or stared. Now I'm the girl who almost broke a kids phone for trying to take pictures. Because, dude, that is so last year. I'm the girl who just blatantly told a boy that I have a thing for him. Because writing it on your pants is so sixth grade. And its ok. Because, like alot of things in my life, it really is ok.

    Work: My general manager got fired yeah.. it's so intense. Apparently, and I put this whole story together through all the different parts I heard, he tried to rape one of the other managers awhile back and she tried to sue him but our corporate office kept denying it so it never went through. His brother who was also a manager at the time apparently walked in on it or something and tried to stop him and got a nice punch in the face so he quit because he was just like 'screw that'. Our corporate dude promised my GM that he wouldn't lose his job over the whole situation but, sadly, someone found out about the whole scandal and both my GM and corporate dude lost their jobs for it. Now we have these crappy people filling in until we find a new GM and they are just horrible. They're looking for everything that we are doing wrong and letting us know that we are doing it wrong. Even though this is the way we've been led to believe is correct for awhile now. And they're making us all on edge and angry and more than half of us want to just quit right now because it might not be worth trying to get used to someone else.

    School: It's too easy. I feel bored. I feel like I've done all of this before. I'm barely applying myself and I'm hardly even trying. I don't really care about much of it. My econ class. Right now we're doing interviews and resumes. I've already done that. Algebra two. My teacher sucks. She can't teach and I can't learn from her. U.S. History. I've heard it all before. I really have no interest in it. At all. Choir. One of the best classes. I had it last year but I'm learning alot more this year. And we are way better this year anyway. And I got section leader. English three. We do nothing but read. I get bored. I can't stand it. Drama. Second best. Had it last year. Doing better this year. But all of the kids in it suck. And they seem to think that Alice in Wonderland needs to have half the cast have horrible British accents that just don't work. I'm the Duchess. Spanish two. Can't speak spanish. Can't learn it. Don't want to learn it. Don't even need to take it. I might just drop it next semester. Freshman Transition Class. I'm the JC (Junior Counselor). There used to be one other one who was a Senior but she left so now it's just me! She was holding me back anyway..

    Sorry for being so distant. :] I'll be around more often now. (Hopefully.) ;)