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July 2008 - Posts

  • I believe I gained some wisdom.

    I got my wisdom teeth stolen on Monday. It was all fine and dandy for awhile. They gave me laughing gas that made me feel that floaty, spinny feeling. Then they gave me medicine in my IV to make me 'sleepy'. Yeah, screw that. It made me sleep. I wasnt expecting to sleep. I was expecting to be totally awake yet unaware. So when I woke up, I totally freaked out and was crying and hyperventilating and stuff. So yeah. Now I miss crunchy food. I miss my mouth not tasting funny. I miss being able to talk normally. But all together, its not horrible. Just unfortunate.

    More things that are ok:
    Sleeping in.
    Staying up late.
    Not brushing your teeth for a few days. (Trust me, we all do it.)
    Laughing at other peoples demise.
    Not knowing some things.
    Complaining. Alot.

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  • One day this will make you proud.

    So I was very perseptive last night. Whatever that means.. I was thinking about when I was little, I wouldnt let any part of my body go over the edge of my bed, like my feet or arms or whatever. Because if I did, the monsters under my bed would reach up and grab me and pull me under. And Ive been thinking, theres a lot of things in our lives that we think we cant do or that arent acceptable to society these days. But in reality, its ok.  
    Its ok to sing in public, it makes it better when people get irritated with you.
    Its ok for boys to somehow know that you like them, and then point it out to you.
    Its ok to do things that are bad for you sometimes.
    Its ok to wear high heels with clothes that dont match.
    Its ok to be indecisive.
    Its ok to stay at work for hours when your not even working.
    Its ok to listen to the Mormons that come to your house sometimes.
    Its ok to eat tons of chocolate days before your getting teeth pulled.
    Its ok to buy things for yourself sometimes.
    Its ok to sleep in on your days off.
    Its ok to be ok with your body.
    Its ok to go see a movie by yourself.
    Its ok to be alone.

    So I challenge you guys, just like Jordyn challenged us to make a list of things that make us happy. Make a list of things that are ok.


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