She's No Saint..

But she'll take you to your knees.

May 2008 - Posts

  • My life?

    Everybodys always spending their high school years figuring out what they're going to do. What college am I going to? What classes will I take? What do I need to pass to get into this college? I've decided something, I dont know what Im going to do. I dont know what college I want to go to. And I really dont care. I dont have a problem with not knowing where Im going anymore. I used to feel panicked about it, I was so worried about knowing what was going to happen. But now I know that I dont know and I dont care. Maybe Ill go to college right after school, maybe Ill run away for awhile. Maybe Ill get a high paying job. Maybe Ill just adventure through my life. Thats pretty ok.

  • March 12th was an extremely busy day for me.

    I had a play to do that night, you see. So I had to be in all my classes, all day. So, pondering this on the way to school, I wasnt necessarily paying attention and I, well, I kinda hit a truck..
    Yes, the 'literary genius', honor roll kid got in a car accident. Totaled my car, got hecka whiplash, and the other car was just alittle bent. So instead of being in all my classes, I was in none. But I still got to perform, thats all I really cared about. Until they towed my poor car away. :[ I cried. That is all for now, just figured Id tell you guys that I attempted to hurt a truck three times bigger than my poor car.