She's No Saint..

But she'll take you to your knees.

Heath Ledger??

So I didnt even know who he was. And then my friend texted me and was like "Heath Ledger died." So I looked it up and apparently hes the one from Brokeback Mountain. Which Ive never seen before. And in the movie, theres Jake Gyllinghal (however you spell his name). So now I wanna watch Brokeback Mountain. :]

Thats all for now..
Oh yeah! Did I tell you guys about our GSA at my school? Well we didnt get approved for our posters. They were deemed to be "negative" and we were told to get the word out by simply telling people. Augh. Its so annoying. And now its Courtwarming week and all of the hallways at our school are all dressed up in certain themes and Im really mad because we cant have pretty colorful posters promoting tolerance among gays but they can put stuff in the hallways however they wish? Mad.

Published Jan 22 2008, 05:39 PM by kalim
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