She's No Saint..

But she'll take you to your knees.

I know what I am not.

I am not a fighter. But I am not a lover either. I don't make waves unless its necessary and I don't make problems unless someone is being wronged.
I am not an environmentalist. But I want to save the world. I want to spread the love if you will.
I am not a pothead. But I am sort of a hippie I suppose. Peace?
I am not optimistic. I am a cynic. I think some people are disturbed by my view of the world, especially since I haven't had that much time to live it.
I am not pessimistic. I am realistic.
I am not the favorite. I am at the end of the line. The last one standing. The shadow in the dark.
I am not the best friend. I am just the one that is always there.
I am not famous. I am just known.
I am not brave. I am scared to death. Of life. Of love. Of the future. Of the past.
I am not healthy. But I am living.
I am not a straight A student. I am just one of those kids that try.
I am not someone who knows where Im going. But I am someone who knows what I want.
I am not someone who will hurt someone. But I am someone who will live my life for me. Not you.
I am not smart. I am someone who has common sense.
I am not a believer. I am someone who just lives.
I am not a writer. I am the person who writes what they feel.
I am not a poet. I am the person who knows how to use words to their fullest.
I am never the girl who is missed, mentioned, or thought of.
I am never the prettiest girl in the room. But I am the one you remember.


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